Artist Statement & Bio

“The things that are close to you are the things that you can photograph the best. And unless you photograph what you love, you’re not going to make good art.” Sally Mann  Bridget Burke lives and works in the Metro Detroit area. The images she creates are highly nostalgic investigations into home, community, and self. The domestic and community portraits are a result of a lifelong search, an exploration of one’s place and identity in the world(s) they reside. Burke’s style is instinctive and voyeuristic in that the images are not constructed; she allows the people and the places to guide the narrative. Burke exhibits her work all across the country and has shown work in galleries in Detroit, Portland, San Antonio, and Chicago. In 2013, Burke's work was showcased in a two-person exhibition at the Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography. ~ Bridget Burke was born and raised in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. She moved to Michigan in 2005 and received her BFA with honors (summa cum laude) in 2011. She earned her MFA from Eastern Michigan University in 2014. Contact: