Roll for Initiative

  This project is about the community of tabletop gaming and documenting the levels of craft, consumerism, and camaraderie within. The world of gaming hasn’t changed significantly since I rolled my first 20-sided die but its reach has extended to all levels of consumers and the gaming community grows much larger and inclusive. There is no longer a need to fit seven people in a tiny dorm room but we still happily meet in game rooms and basements because we want to sit across the table from or next to another player. It is here that two players can battle it out over a homemade battlefield and when the game has come to a completion, the opponents will shake hands. That single moment of intimacy and interaction between gamers, the thrill and challenge of the games they play, and the pride and feeling of accomplishment they feel through the objects they create for their games are what drives me to document the tribe of gamers. All images copyright Bridget Burke 2013-2016